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Liar, liar, pants on fire! Bullshit is the ultimate game for those who can sell ice to eskimos. It's a fast-moving, easy to play party game where you're given a set of facts, decide 'bull' or 'no bull' and bet on the outcome. Can you ferret out the truth?!
With facts such as "Apple was founded by Bill Gates" and ""The earth is the only planet not named after a god", players must work hard to convince their opponents that they're telling the truth.
Educational? Ummm... a bit... but what you'll really learn is which of your mates should be salesmen, investment bankers and estate agents!
Perfect game for a party and big nights in.
No money needed: unless you make it interesting!
Suitable for 2-8 players or teams
Why not play in men vs women teams?
Contains 3 decks of cards, 1 dice and instruction leaflet.


  • A fast moving, easy to play card and dice game


  • 1 x Dice

  • 1 x Instructions

  • 3 x packs of cards (54 cards per pack)


  • Box: 23cm (9inches) x 12cm (4.5 inches) x 4cm (1.5inches)

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