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Feline Contact Lens


£7.99 GBP 

Our brilliant variety of beautifully coloured contact lenses is great for those of you finding that eye make up just isn’t enough for you, and who want to take your eye to the next level of style. You can change your eye colouring in less than a minute with these fashion contact lenses, which work for all coloured eyes. Great to give your eyes a new style & look!

These fashion contact lenses are great for parties, Halloween, or just generally shocking people!

Important Information

Always read instructions carefully. If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

It is advisable to consult an optician before wearing coloured lenses. This is an essential step, as your optician will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand how to insert, extract and good aftercare procedures.

Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them.