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Instant Remedy - Snore Stopper

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£2.99 GBP 


Been driven to distraction by snoring, snorting and general night time racket from the other half? In desperate need of sleep and need an instant solution? Then you need our innovative Instant Snore Stopper!

Just peg this wooden ball onto the back of a pair of pyjamas to stop the snorer rolling over onto their back.


  • A fun gag gift for snorers (and their suffering partners) of all ages.
  • Part of the Instant Remedies range
  • Other items include the Bald Head Polisher, the Diet Cheating Preventer and the Tight Git saver
  • Please remember, this is a joke product - it's effectiveness may vary!


  • Contains 1 'snore stopper' device


  • 8.70 X 3.80 X8.70

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